Unsightly spider veins can cause sufferers to wear long pants on a beautiful summer day, affecting their quality of life and confidence. Davin Haraway, DO, and the medical staff at Tulsa Vein Institute in Tulsa, Oklahoma, can treat your spider veins and get you back to living a full life again. Call (918) 701-2020 or go online to request an appointment.

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What’s the best way to treat spider veins?

There are several ways of treating spider veins, including conservative methods such as wearing support or compression stockings, as well as lifestyle changes like losing weight.

These methods work to minimize undue pressure on your veins. However, if the real goal is to eliminate spider veins, the two main treatments are sclerotherapy and laser treatment.

Sclerotherapy is a tried-and-true treatment for spider veins that doctors have used since the 1930s. During this procedure, Dr. Haraway injects a concentrated detergent or saline solution into the affected vein, effectively closing off the vein and forcing the blood to flow through healthier channels.

Sclerotherapy is an in-office procedure that takes under an hour and doesn’t require anesthesia. The unsightly veins will fade over the next 3-4 months. Laser technology utilizing pulsed dye laser can also treat spider veins. This method uses heat energy to target and damage the affected vein. The main advantage of this procedure in comparison to sclerotherapy is that no needles or injections are required. This is usually reserved for veins too small for sclerotherapy.

In some cases, Dr. Haraway may use a combination of sclerotherapy and laser treatment for best outcomes. At the Tulsa Vein Institute, the medical staff approaches treatment for spider veins holistically by trying to get at the root cause of spider veins.

Can spider veins recur after treatment?

Yes, varicose and spider veins are a chronic progressive disease. Regardless of the type of procedure Dr. Haraway uses to treat spider veins, they can reappear, especially if the original cause of the development of the damaged vein is not addressed. In cases like this, Dr. Haraway performs maintenance treatments.

Is spider-vein treatment safe?

Although there are risks in any medical procedure, if performed correctly, spider-vein treatment is safe. Both sclerotherapy and laser therapy have some minor side effects, though. Sclerotherapy treatment can result in itching, swelling, and skin discoloration in the treatment area. Blistering and skin staining can develop after laser therapy.

If you are tired of being embarrassed by our spider veins, help is only a click or call away. Contact the Tulsa Vein Institute in Tulsa, Oklahoma at (918) 701-2020 or request an appointment online, and let Dr. Haraway help you recapture a healthier you.